Robbins and Cotran
Pathologic Basis of Disease

Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease Abul Abbas, Nelso Fausto, Vinay Kumar
Language: English
Page: 1552
Format: chm
ISBN: 0721601871, 9780721601878
Publisher: Saunders

It is hard to imagine a pathologist, whether a trainee or consultant, who would not benefit from reading or at least referring to this book. Most older pathologists will possess earlier editions as Robbins has been a standard text for many years. This seventh edition represents the evolution of the best single volume textbook on general pathology and the editors are to be congratulated in having resisted the temptation to overturn the book's familiar order in the name of innovation. Instead, they have sympathetically expanded the text, which now includes a phenomenal amount of information. A particularly welcome development is the chapter on ocular pathology for the generalist and the reorganisation of the chapter on infectious diseases taxonomically. The book has a very broard appeal: it could be read with profit by consultant pathologists, but is still suitable as an undergraduate text for medical students, as it starts from first principles and extends to the limits of knowledge. Robbins will remain the book of choice for diligent students, who will be inspired by the thorough scientific grounding in pathology that it provides. UK universities that believe this factual knowledge to be redundant should consider the popularity of Robbins in the US, and with practicing diagnostic pathologists in the UK, and think again.BMA Awards 2005A well laid out book covering the entire spectrum of disease in clear, concise detail. The sections are clearly headed and a separate index at the start of each chapter means finding them becomes a doddle. The book makes a point of making it easy to tackle such a large amount of text - from basics, slowly working up to the more complex. The book has an excellent additional feature in the form of a MCQ CD. The book is just about worth buying for the CD alone. It really helps your revision of pathology and challenges you to think more deeply about the topic.It may seem too much for students, but this book will last for your whole medical education and no doubt beyond.Edinburgh Medics, a Res Medica supplement courtesy of the Royal Medical Society, July 2005This new edition is praiseworthy for the breadth and depth of its content and its ability to remain up to date. It serves the needs not only of the beginning student, the pathologist in training, but all practitioners of medicine with intellectual curiosity.Modern Pathology, 2005
Book Description
Includes over 1,600 new and improved conceptual and line diagrams, plus color photomicrographs 

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